We put the Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera To The Ultimate Low-Light Test

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The greatest addition to Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is not the dual camera system on the 6.2-inch Plus variation — it is the factor aperture which can be found on the primary camera of both tablets.

The drawback is photographed are not as sharp, because they shed more detail. Samsung’s alternative would be to get the camera predominantly utilize the f/2.4 aperture, however, if it is much darker, the camera automatically switches into the f/1.5 aperture to consume as much light as you can.

We spent an hour together with a Galaxy S9 Plus in Mobile World Congress 2018 to explain to you the way the camera functions. Now we are back with a harder test, after spending a while around the narrow roads of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter at night time.

Low lighting

This photograph was shot within an eccentric underground pub, without a lot of lighting. The camera switched to the f/1.5 aperture, and we are surprised at the quantity of detail it managed to catch. The picture also signifies the colors in the pub quite well, bringing out a muted crimson, while not overexposing the screens on the barrels.

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Most of us love taking photographs of food, and you will be delighted to understand that the Galaxy S9 does a fantastic job of catching it in dimly-lit restaurants. The picture of the delicacy was shot at a magical restaurant named El Salon from the Gothic Quarter, and it surely does not have the ideal light conditions. The Galaxy S9 was able to catch a good deal of detail, even while keeping the superb warm vibes in the restaurant. We also love the solid blur in the background, setting the attention on the stuffed chicken. It’s possible to tell the photo is not too sharp, but with some sound, but it is not fuzzy or out of focus, and we would readily talk about it (the photo, not the food).

Rain and trees

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This is an ambitious picture for any smartphone. We were outside, at night, at a densely populated area. The Galaxy S9 handles, all the same, keeping the yellowish colors in the street lights, while also shooting a reasonable amount of detail. What we enjoy most about this picture is the way that it conveys the disposition of the night — that the floor appears moist, with colors representing everywhere.


The pub does not look as well-lit as this picture makes it out to be, but what’s more, my colleagues have been in focus.