The Galaxy S9 Is Here: Here’s How Apple Will Respond

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It does not mean that there are no other excellent phone manufacturers and phones on the market, but Samsung and Apple reap the majority of the gains from the telephone market and their devices will be the best selling ones on the planet.

Even the Galaxy brand has built up enough momentum that it is improbable a year with little feature enhancements will induce customers to purchase a different version if they are familiar with their Samsung mobile phone. Sound familiar? The same is true for Apple, obviously.

Samsung scored a coup in tallying the greatest marks on DxOMark camera evaluations, but if there is anything we know about Apple, it is that each year’s new iPhone versions have updated cameras which push it straight back into the front of the package. That’s great, because camera caliber may be the most crucial quality of a smartphone into the huge majority of smartphone buyers.

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Apple impressed the pros with all the (Samsung-built) OLED screen on the iPhone X, which has been rated as the best screen ever on a smartphone. Obviously, you understood Samsung would not short its mobiles — and DisplayMate claims that the Galaxy S9’s screen is much better. However, the two screens are so close to the gaps might just boil down to a question of characteristics and priorities out of phone manufacturer — for instance, if to highlight color or brightness.

With over six months between the launch of any fresh iPhones, however, it is possible the successor to the iPhone X will provide a much greater screen. (It is also possible, provided that Samsung is providing Apple’s OLED screens, we will see the name of Greatest Screen Ever return and forth between the 2 businesses every September and February.)

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1 place where Apple will probably counter Samsung this autumn is using the rumored introduction of a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus. Apple reaped enormous rewards as it introduced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus back in 2014, bringing a fresh layout and larger screen alternative that pushed iPhone earnings to their greatest point. Though the iPhone X has drawn attention from several fans of bigger mobiles because of its OLED display and double back camera, an iPhone X Plus version could induce upgrades from older iPhone Plus consumers and perhaps even just a tiny bit of attention from Android phablet lovers.