Panasonic GH5S Hands-On

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Panasonic’s top-end GH-series versions are hit with videographers in the past several decades, and the producer has put an end to rumors of a brand new version coming by announcing the new Lumix GH5S in CES 2018.

As opposed to trying to meet two audiences with a single camera, together with all the Lumix GH5S Panasonic has concentrated on producing the greatest movie camera for videographers. Its specification was carefully geared to the theatre and broadcast marketplace, where there is a need for the very best picture quality from a tiny, mobile body. Those following a competent Micro Four Thirds stills camera are obviously well catered for by the newly published Panasonic Lumix G9.

The brand new GH5S will sit together with the GH5 and G9 in the top end of Panasonic’s G-series, together with the GH5remaining in creation for the near Future. The Lumix GH5 will last to be sold at #1699 (body only), together with the cost for your Lumix GH5S withdrawing #2199 (body only) as it goes on sale in mid-January. Contrary to the Lumix GH5, that may be bought with a lens as part of a package, the Lumix GH5S will soon be available to purchase body-only.

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Panasonic Lumix GH5S Characteristics

Rather than embracing the GH5’s 20.3-megapixel Four Thirds sensor, Panasonic has fitted using the GH5S using a lesser resolution 10.2-megapixel Four-Thirds chip. Though this pixel count might appear low by today’s criteria, it is not a corresponding approach to what we have seen in the likes of Sony and its own video-focused Alpha 7S and Alpha 7S II versions.

The benefit that the GH5S has within the GH5, in addition to some other cameras using a high pixel density, is that every photosite (or pixel) on the processor is bigger. This should equate to exceptional light-gathering capacities and an impressive low-performance performance.

The concept behind is that it enables videographers to make the high-speed capture in low ambient light environments, while focusing on capturing the perfect shot, without needing to worry about background sound.

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In an intriguing move, Panasonic has chosen to omit in-body picture stabilization after comments from its specialist GH5 clients. By having a detector that is permanently repaired, Panasonic anticipates the camera to do better in cases where the camera may be subject to vibration — if it is attached to rigs and additional supports, for instance.

This choice has been removed from the driveway dial

Another attribute that the GH5S omits is 6K-photo style. This formerly featured on the GH5 and enabled users to make 18-megapixel images straight from 30p movie catch. Panasonic has not fully done away with the notion of producing stills from the video, and 4K-photo style remains. This gives users with the chance to extract 8-megapixel still pictures from 4K footage listed at 60fps.