Intel 8th-gen CPUs With Baked-In Meltdown Protection To Land Later In 2018

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Since the firm has previously suggested, Intel has redesigned its own 8th-generation chips to make them more resistant to Meltdown and yet another version of Spectre in a hardware level.

Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich claims the re-engineered 8th-gen Coffee Lake — along with Xeon — CPUs using baked-in protection in the silicon level will begin to send in the second half of the season. That is what he promised in a sales call back in January, and now we have heard more about these strategies.

Krzanich explained the new incorporated defenses would fight Meltdown and Spectre Variant 2, though as expected, software patches will nevertheless be required for all these new chips to fight Spectre Variant 1. Really, as we have heard before, we might need to await all-new, 9th-gen processors to the tiniest bugbear to be dealt with in a hardware level…

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Pleasing partitions

So what exactly was done within these chips to include security from these types of vulnerabilities? Intel has redesigned the chips to include new security in the shape of partitioning.

Krzanich describes: “Think about the partitioning as further ‘protective walls’ between programs and user privilege levels to make an obstacle for poor actors”

Intel’s chief executive reminded us that the firm has released revamped microcode upgrades for 100 percent of its products found in the previous five decades (i.e. return to and including Haswell, since we watched a few months back).

Those fixes may nevertheless take their time coming into your machine, however, since Intel sends them to producers, who then need to deploy the upgrades. Although, Microsoft is committing a helping hand, also.