Huawei Honor 6X Review

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The Honor 6X’s heavy-duty 3,340mAh-sized battery is easily the cellphone’s strongest feature. It succeeds at just under 7.5 hours of heavy usage in our laboratory, which translates into roughly a day-and-half of standard usage.

Not bad to get a interrogate telephone!

Among the first things you are bound to note about the 6X is its own layout, which is nearer to an iPhone in its own look & feels compared to many devices in this budget.

The volume buttons are a little too high on the face of this 6X to be readily reached.

What we do not enjoy the Honor 6X

Among my hang-ups in regards to Huawei/Honor new smartphones is Emotion UI, the organization’s Android skin. And though it’s improved as of late (particularly in quicker, higher-end devices such as the Mate 9), I find it to become slow and at times tricky to navigate.

Honor 6X Being Used

The 6X’s slow performance and unique applications can make it frustrating to work with occasionally.

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For starters, there are issues with the UI’s visual vocabulary, such as the way an unchecked box at a settings menu carefully resembles a box that is checked till you inspect it. Furthermore, a few elements of this applications are vaguely worded or simply self-evident perplexing. It is like every user-facing facet of the program was badly interpreted by Google, and the final result is a telephone which operates together with you instead of with you.

Nevertheless, the real difficulties are performance-based: Each tap and swipe operates on a small delay, making the experience feel as if you are trying hard to walk into knee-deep jelly. Should you chance to be downgrading from a more superior smartphone, you will see the difference immediately.

The camera is not very great

Sad to say, the double sensors (that can be 12MP and 2MP( respectively) do not add much to the Honor 6X’s lackluster camera encounter.

Despite having two camera detectors, the Honor 6X’s camera encounter is under average.

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As opposed to helping a picture general comparison, the wide-angle 2MP detector on the 6X was made to make a bokeh impact by blurring everything out but the topic. Though it would be unrealistic to anticipate the 6X to carry out and, say the iPhone 7 Plus inside this aspect, the level to which this attribute stumbles remains surprising.

The cameras frequently struggle to identify topics, and when subjects are correctly singled out, the result itself does not look good. The 2MP secondary detector just is not strong enough to create the characteristic rewarding.

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And that is to say nothing of this 6X general camera functionality, which is far behind the curve, even for budget-friendly telephones in this price bracket. I was not able to snap any daytime shots which didn’t seem blown out, even if alterations were made to sunlight vulnerability.