Hands on: Fitbit Versa Review

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It is less than half a year because Fitbit first actually entered the smartwatch marketplace together with the Fitbit Ionic, but the provider is currently here with its next smart wearable to your wrist.

The new Fitbit Versa is bigger compared to the Ionic but comes with lots of the exact attributes we loved on this view, from Fitbit Pay for third-party programs.

Plus it is a bit less costly than the Ionic, which can be significant when a great deal of Fitbit apparatus are usually priced higher than the contest due to the well-known name.

Fitbit Versa launch date and cost

It is possible to pre-order the Fitbit Versa at this time, but it will not be on store shelves (physical or virtual) until some stage in April.

Fitbit has to define a specific date to the watch’s release across the planet, however on March 14 that the Fitbit website said 3-4 weeks, therefore we can anticipate it on the middle of April at the united states, UK and Australia.

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Layout and screen

The Fitbit Versa takes a whole lot of the plain language the business has learned by the Ionic and moved it into a more compact watch that people with thinner wrists will probably appreciate.

It sits comfortably on the wrist and also is not as thick as choices like the Fitbit Blaze, and also unlike the Ionic, it’s rounded edges.

Color options for your body are a mild silver or pink, although those choices are restricted you will have plenty of unique bands to select from.

You have the option of silicone (which felt especially comfortable and is undoubtedly the best alternative if you’re intending to work out a lot), while there’s also an assortment of metal and Horween leather choices also.

A unique variant of this watch includes woven fabric straps also carries a plastic strap in the box which it is possible to change to when you wish to go exercising.

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The special variant Fitbit Versa

If you would like to get that blend of proper choice and something to work out in, the specific version watch sets could be most suitable for you.

The resolution appeared great and even though there are thick bezels about it that the display looked responsive in our brief testing period flicking through programs. As soon as we understand more about the particulars of this screen we’ll make certain to update this report.