Google Maps Can Now Create Transit Routes That Take Wheelchair Accessibility Into Account

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Beginning now, Google is still adding a “wheelchair accessible” routing alternative into Google Maps, as mentioned by Gizmodo. Tailored toward the usage of public transit in metropolitan locations, if chosen, the path that’s presented will factor in the availability of wheelchair ramps and lifts on paths.

The characteristic is being rolled out in many cities which are major transit systems, such as London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston, and Sydney. To get it, type your destination to Google Maps, tap “Instructions” Underneath the paths segment, “wheelchair accessible” should appear.

This past year, Google Maps added the capability to determine whether a space is wheelchair accessible by clicking on the description and then appearing under the “conveniences” tab. Additionally, it has been working on upgrading the Street View pictures of transit stations so that individuals can preview these places beforehand.