Galaxy S9 Has a Problem, and It’s Not Even Out Yet

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That information came from an unknown Samsung officer, who stated that the absence of expansion is a result of the two-day interval between when Samsung introduced the smartphone and really provided it. His remarks were previously reported by BGR.

However, one analyst has a different spin on what may be occurring. From the note, acquired by Barrons, ” Johnston stated that the Galaxy S9 lineup is “significantly underperforming” Samsung’s expectations. He added that upgrades may not see much significance in the new capabilities.

Samsung introduced its Galaxy S9 past month per day before Mobile World Congress. The handset, together with its bigger choice, the Galaxy S9+, provides a design almost equal to last year’s versions. The largest change is that the new SuperSpeed Dual Pixel camera, which provides better low-light functionality and a brand new Super Slow-Mo movie style.

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Other updates include speakers, brighter displays and brand new attributes like AR Emoji, that did not impress in our hands on S9 preview.

But if the issue is, in fact, unique to Samsung is up for discussion. Johnston stated in his view that “smartphone sales are beginning to decrease at an accelerating speed.” Other handset manufacturers, in other words, will also be addressing the identical issue. And although there might be attending in Galaxy S9, there seems to be interested in smartphone updates generally.