Asus ZenBook UX430U

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The Asus ZenBook UX430U ($1,099) is evidence that slick, strong ultraportable laptops do not need to cost an arm and a leg. This 14-inch notebook weighs only 2.72 lbs, a feat that could have been all but impossible only a couple of decades back. It is now possible to package bigger displays into smaller enclosures by decreasing bezel size, a method that Asus has pulled off with aplomb here.

The UX430U appears best on the exterior, using its clamshell lid shut. The brushed metal of the screen lid outside, finish with dim concentric rings around a silver Asus emblem in the middle, gives a premium air that is completely different from the Space Gray color that MacBooks are famous for. The base of the chassis is likewise well-constructed, albeit with no rings.

Nonetheless, the shortage of signature assistance is a substantial drawback when comparing to the UX430U using its equally priced 2-in-1 opponents like the Lenovo Yoga 920. The 100 or so cost difference between the Lenovo along with the Asus makes you touch along with a 360-degree hinge, attributes which are amazingly handy if you’re planning on using your PC to watch movies or while vacationing.

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Nevertheless, the elements you do have in the conventional setup are topnotch. 16GB of memory along with a 512GB solid-state drive ought to be more than sufficient for regular multitasking as well as the smooth opening and closing of all programs. Coupled together with the Intel Core i7 chip, this is a really competent machine, and also a fantastic value to boot up.

Should you want more storage, you have got many choices to link to external drives. There are a full-size SD card slot and a USB 2.0 interface on the ideal border, in addition to a USB 3.0 port along with a USB-C jack on the left side. The USB-C port does not encourage Thunderbolt, however, Asus carries a different miniature HDMI interface for connecting to external displays. There is also another power connector and an audio jack, meaning that even if you are attached to a track, a power source, and also have your headset plugged in, you will still have three USB ports free for added peripherals. The exact same cannot be said of the MacBook Pro, with its only port choices being a headset jack and 2 USB-C interfaces.

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Along with the shoulder-saving burden of 2.72 lbs, the whole UX430 will not take up much space in your backpack or briefcase, either. The XPS 13 can also be 0.6 inches lean, although the MacBook Pro has both of them beat with a hair, at 0.59 inches.