Asus Rog Zephyrus GX501 Review

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Asus will sell only a 16GB variant of this notebook in the USA of America. ASUS made a distinctive mechanism when the display is opened will make the back side raised lots of millimeters. Furthermore, ASUS offer different deals for prolonged warranty and other features like what can definitely ensure it’s suitable for you if you are thinking of using your new notebook for a lengthy period to come.

Asus also provides a USB-to-Ethernet adapter from the box, and this is a must to get low-latency gaming. It is evident that ASUS desired to focus on speed instead of pixel count, but it might have been nice to discover a marginally higher resolution to gain from the notebook’s bountiful horsepower.

You are able to pick the notebook you need based on your budget. Thin and light laptops usually possess just a tiny port lack. You should nevertheless use outdoor solutions whenever possible if you put on the notebook static. When you start up the notebook, you will notice something somewhat odd.

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This manner, it’s a notebook title only. Thinner notebooks mean milder devices now you can take anywhere.