Alexa Is Randomly Laughing, And It’s Creepy As Hell (Updated)

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In case you’ve got an Alexa-powered apparatus, you would be forgiven for believing it had been haunted: consumers were complaining that their apparatus would chuckle randomly or just refuse to do exactly what they were requested. Is the smart speaker likely to kill you in your sleep? Luckily, no. Amazon has verified that it is aware of the issue and can be “working to repair it.” The business has not said what went wrong, but it is noteworthy that this is not a case of unintentionally tripping the voice helper — the bliss has escalated without activating the touch blue light which communicates answers on Echo speakers along with other Alexa apparatus.

We have asked Amazon in case it could comment further.

No matter the origin, this is not what Amazon required.

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Update: Amazon stated the strange behavior is the end result of Alexa wrongly hearing “Alexa, laugh” It is disabling that control and will need “Alexa, will you laugh?” If you would like to have a response. In addition to this, it will not just laugh — it will acknowledge your request. You may read the complete announcement below.